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Banff Ropes Challenge Course


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BANFF, ALBERTA, Canada – If you’re looking for the best rock climbing programs in the Canadian Rockies, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures offers world class training for beginner to advanced climbers. Our certified guides are leading edge climbers and have lots of experience working with individuals, families and groups.

We maintain a solid reputation as one of the leading mountain schools and mountain guide services in North America. Our experienced guides, who also own and operate the school, will leave you with an unforgettable mountain experience. We also take safety very seriously and go to great lengths to protect our students from injury while learning rock climbing techniques. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing in Banff , one of the best adventures in the Rockies.

Ropes Challenge Course

Join Yamnuska Mountain Adventures for a fun, challenging and exhilarating ropes course tour 30 feet off the ground! With a series of obstacles and challenges from poles and trees, participants can complete the ropes course in a variety of combinations. It becomes even more fun and challenging when you ‘cross paths’ with other participants on a section. The ropes course is a great family or group activity that is challenging yet fun and playful. Complete all of the obstacles or only the ones you like. Do it on your own or work together as teams. However you choose to do it, the ropes course is a lot of fun. You complete the activity with a 70 meter zip line ride which safely returns you to ground level.

Ice Climbing in Banff, Alberta

In addition to rock climbing in Banff National Park, we provide an awesome ice climbing experience. Our professional guides have years of experience ice climbing in Banff and can teach you the essential techniques and safety protocol. At our Banff ice climbing school, you’ll learn how to use a transceiver, check avalanche conditions and reduce your risks with our industry-leading safety systems. Our Banff ice climbing guides use the Yam Ice Exchange network to share the latest weather and avalanche conditions.

Mountaineering in Banff

For those looking for adventure, mountaineering in the Rockies offers the thrill of a lifetime. Through our private lessons and scheduled programs you’ll discover a true Canadian Rockies experience. Our intermediate and advanced itineraries are unmatched.

Canadian Rockies Mountain Adventures

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Yamnuska offers top notch mountaineering, backcountry skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing and trekking experiences in the Canadian Rockies. We rank as one of Canada’s best mountain school and mountain guide companies year after year.

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